The impact of succession planning practices at Takoradi Polytechnic

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Succession planning is a deliberate and formal process that facilitates the transfer of management Control from officers in key positions to others. Its organization at Takoradi Polytechnic is poor because the implementers do not understand the concept very well. This is not making the concept achieve the purpose for which it is intended. Thus, the investigation into the impact of succession planning at Takoradi Polytechnic. Instruments used to elicit information were questionnaires, interviews, personal observation, the internet and library studies. The targeted population was all officers in key management Positions at Takoradi Polytechnic and tools of data analysis included figures and tables. • The results revealed that most officers have been in office for more than five years and the policy has also been in place for not less than five years. Who implemented the policy did not come out clearly. The Rector and the Registrar positions unlike the others are filled from outside while labour turnover appears to be normal. Officers need much understanding of the concept to enable programme achieve its objectives. Recommendation/suggestions included workshops and seminars to be organized for officers in key management positions and implementation of succession planning policy to the letter have also been made for the improvement of the situation for further research work.  
A thesis submitted to the College of Arts and Social Sciences, KNUST School of Business, 2008