Stock Exchange Building - Ridge, Accra

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Asked about the Ghana Stock Exchange, and most Ghanaian have no idea what it is and its operation. This is simply because the Ghana Stock Exchange is hiding at the 5 and 6 floors of the Cedi House at Ridge, Accra. Talk of the London Stock Exchange, New York Stock Exchange, Amsterdam Stock Exchange, Nigeria Stock Exchange, America Stock Exchange and Johannesburg Stock Exchange. All these exchanges have well built facilities that can be identified with them, not only to stand as the economic hub, but also to create the awareness of their existence in their various countries. It is not the same story in Ghana, the exchange, though young, is in an era of high economic competition across the world. Ghana cannot afford to lay back while the rest of the world is at top speed. Therefore, there is the need for a well designed building for the exchange to make it prominent and create an economic hub for Ghana, and this is what this design thesis seeks to achieve.
This thesis report is presented to the Department of Architecture as partial fulfilment of the requirement of Post Graduate Diploma in Architecture.