Exploring strategies for effective communication management in construction projects a case study of Ghana Armed Forces

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The study aimed at exploring strategies to effective communication management in construction projects. In making the study a success, the following objectives were identified; the challenges of communication, the causes of communication challenges among construction professionals and also to explore strategies to effective communication management in construction projects. The research adopted quantitative strategy. Data was obtained using questionnaire based on the purposive sampling technique. Construction professionals were selected from thirty (30) D1K1-D4K4 construction firms. Three (3) questionnaires were distributed to each of these firms. In all ninety (90) questionnaires were distributed to these entire firm and sixty-five (65) were received. The study was conducted using the sixty-five collected data. The data was analyzed and presented using the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) and Microsoft Excel software’s and the data was further analyzed using the Mean score ranking and the Relative Importance Index. Results from the first objective came out as follows: Inadequate co-operation and coordination among project team members, the use of jargons hinders effective team communication, and ineffective information flow among project teams, grammar. And these were the highest ranked causes of communication. The study was also able to achieve its second objective by identifying the causes of communication challenges in the construction industry. The following factors were ranked high as causes of communication challenges; Workers having a different perception about the information given, unclear objectives can lead to ineffective communication and language barriers. In respect of strategies to ensure effective communication in the construction industry, it was identified that; All team members must have an idea and also know the main goal of the project, which can lead to effective flow of communication, team members must have a full concentration when receiving information, the use of information technologies in the process of communication and both the sender and receiver must have the same understanding of the information. It was concluded that management of construction firms must adopt these and other strategies that would ensure effective communication in order to improve work output.
A thesis submitted to the Department of Building Technology, College of Art and Built Environment, in partial fulfillment of the requirement for Degree of Master of Science.
Exploring strategies, Communication, Construction projects, Ghana Armed Forces