Investigating the project management planning practices used by Churches: the case of construction of Chapels in the Obuasi Metropolis.

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The construction of the Chapels requires effective project planning practices to improve on the performance of projects executed by churches. The popularity and wide usage of project planning practices has been obvious in numerous sectors. However, very little is heard about project planning practices in churches. Hence the study aimed at assessing the project management planning practices used in Congregational Chapel construction projects. With this aim, three objectives were set which were to identify the project planning practices used by churches in the construction of chapel projects, to identify the project planning Practices currently adopted by Churches in the construction of Chapels and to identify the challenges confronting project planning practices in the construction of Chapels. The study adopted the quantitative research strategy in which structured questionnaire was developed and distributed to charismatic churches registered in the Obuasi Municipality. As at the time of study, there were 227 Charismatic registered churches in the Obuasi Municipality according to Christian Council of Churches, Obuasi Metropolis. A sample of seventy (70) was attained using the Yamane formula hence, seventy (70) questionnaires were distributed whiles fifty (50) were retrieved for the analysis. The data were analyzed using frequencies, percentages and mean score ranking. From the analysis, it was found that despite the fact that churches in the Obuasi municipality followed some planning practices, there were a couple of them due to challenges and difficulties they were not able to adopt such planning practices in the course of making plans for construction of their chapels. The study concluded that, some of the churches lack knowledge in project planning practices as well as the entire project management practices. The study recommended that churches should strive to employ professional project managers to be on their boards since there is the need to open branches of the churches in several towns in the region and across the country.
A thesis submitted to the Department of Construction Technology and Management, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology Kumasi, in partial fulfilment of the requirement for the award degree of Master of Science in Project Management
Project management, Project planning