Fruit processing plant, Akorley-Somanya, Eastern Region

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To facilitate coordinated development of the fruit production industry and participation of all stake holders in both the public and private sector including the farmers, Emphasis must be laid on the development of fruit processing factories all around the country. Although various initiatives have been taken in the recent past for promoting industrial growth in the country: Bold and forward looking measures would be required if Ghana is to capitalise on its unique strengths which the fruit production industry possesses to the socio-economic development of the country. The growth potential for this Fruit Processing Industry is enormous as the demand for processed fruit products is increasing in the domestic as well as in the overseas markets. In view of this, the State has to promote this sector through public investment and also by facilitating private investment in the development of more processing industry and supportive infrastructure in this sector. The methods of extending the storage life of fruits include refrigeration, regulation and modification of the storage atmosphere, hypobaric storage, packaging in plastic films, chemical treatments etc. The practicability and economic justification for the use of some of these methods in Ghana could be doubtful, since the investment, maintenance and operating costs are not compatible with the market values of fruits especially mango, orange and pineapple. Also these methods can only extend the shelf life of the fruits for only some few days or weeks. (2-10 days) The most feasible approach would be to process them to juice and other more stable products by the establishment of more processing plants to add value to these products. This thesis therefore seeks to come out with a design of modern fruit processing plant which will be in a position of processing these fruits for both local and international consumption.
A design thesis report submitted to the Department of Architecture, in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the award of the Post graduate Diploma in Architecture.