Herbal drug facility, Kumasi

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The role of medicinal plants in health care delivery in Ghana cannot be overlooked. Unfortunately, the very foundation upon which the medicinal plant species and the traditional health care system survive is threatened by lack of scientifically proven research and safe and quality manufacturing processes. In order to substantiate claims made by traditional medicine practitioners for various plants in the treatment of certain diseases it is necessary to use modern scientific methods to carry out systematic investigations into the constituents and effects of these plants. The capacity to provide research facilities for identification, analysis, evaluation and pharmacological studies of plants of medicinal value; provide facilities for clinical trials and * consultations with herbal medicine with government backing, is limited to a very few. Effective monitoring of herbal practices and adequate scientific research to make herbal medicine safe and quality for public use can only be ensured if research centres are setup throughout the country to serve as satellites centres to coordinate research findings and data on various plant species in designated location with the government approved Centre For Scientific Research Into Plant Medicine (CSRPM) with its single branch located at Mampong-Akuapem in the Eastern Region of Ghana. This thesis largely seeks to propose for an establishment of an herbal drug facility in Kumasi equipped with facilities for research, production and clinical consultations with herbal medicine.
A design thesis report submitted to the Department of Architecture in partial fulfilment of the requirements of the award of Post graduate Diploma in Architecture.