Assessing the effects of high employee turnover in Nestle business services

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In contemporary labour market the issue of labour turnover and its effects on productivity has become a topic of great concern. This therefore calls for assessing the effect of employee turnover in the Nestle Business Services. Using case study design, data was collected through the use of a close-ended questionnaire from a sample of 100 staff, using the quota sampling method. The data was analysed with SPSS and Minitab and presented in percentages and simple statistical tables. The findings revealed that The Nestle Business Services have experienced steady rise in turnover from 2011 to 2017. The average turnover rate was found to be 17.58% and estimate the 2018 and 2019 to hit 19.22% and 20.24% respectively. The significant causes of employee turnover were identified as lack of retention plans or strategies; poor Employee assistant Programs; and work Load or content of employees. The critical effect of high employee turnover in the Nestle Business Services was grouped into positive and negative. The significant negative effects of employee turnover are: increase in work load; decreases organizations performance; increase cost; lowering the knowledge base of the organization; wastage of resources; and decline in work productivity. Also, the significant positive effects of employee turnover are: gaining of fresh ideas by employing new workers and also it gives employees who left the chance to upgrade themselves. It is therefore recommended that the organization should organize capacity building through training, participation in workshops, conferences and seminars to help develop the employees. It is also recommended that working relationship among employees should be improved by appreciating their effort and also paying them well
This thesis is submitted to Department of Construction Technology and Management, College of Built Art and Environment. in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the Award of MSC Project Management.
Employee turnover, Nestle Business Services