Project managers competencies assessment in hotel construction projects: A survey of perspectives from key stakeholders of hotel construction projects in Northern Ghana

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Past research into the project manager’s competence in construction projects indicate that there is a gap in project manager’s competence for hotel constructions in Ghana. The aim of the study was to assess competencies of project managers in hotel construction through the application of PMI Project Managers competency standard. The objectives of the study among others included the identification of project management practices in hotel construction projects, assess the project managers competencies in terms of knowledge, personal and performances of hotel construction projects, identify key stakeholders’ perspective on the required competencies of project managers’ in hotel construction and propose framework of key competencies required of project managers in hotel construction based on the perspectives of key stakeholders. The main tools for the collection of data were questionnaires survey. The target population for the data collection were key stakeholders (project managers, Engineers, Hotel owners building construction organizations and senior consultants of architectural and quantity surveying firms). Statistical package for social scientists (SPSS V 20) and Relative Importance Index (RII) were employed to analyze data obtained. Among the top ranking project management practices, PM competency assessment and required competency for hotel construction are; project scope management, construction and post construction management, Ghana tourism hotel design requirement, Authority approval, Ghana tourism hotel classification, Hotel Scheme design and effectively resolves issues and solves problems. Proposed recommendations include (1) Construction management techniques for hotel development, and preparation of planning, legal, feasibility (financial and physical) and other necessary documentation are recommended toiv enhance competence of PMs in hotel construction (2) PMs should understand the critical success factors for hotel construction and tested in practice (3) PMs should understand Hotel Design and Construction techniques, items involved in designing (for example interior and exterior design), Construction methods and hotel building types (4) PMs should understand the hotel industry, the regulation, the tourism authority and hotel design requirement (5) PMs should understand hotel construction is a complex mix-ups, diverse stakeholders, diverse consultants and specialist are involved and therefore their management is necessary. The research findings provide empirical evidence that can be adopted by hotel developers in their establishment.
A thesis submitted to the Department of Construction Technology and Management, in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the Degree of Master of Science.
competencies, assessment, hotel construction projects, stakeholders, Northern Ghana