The effect of the Public Procurement Act 663 on public contracts in the Birim North District Assembly

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The aim of this project was to delve into the effect of the Ghanaian Public Procurement Act on Public Contracts in the Birim North District Assembly. Qualitative Survey Analysis was used to investigate why the need arose for the procurement law, its applicability to the local government sector and the challenges associated with it in the delivery of public contracts in the Birim North District. Possible ameliorations to the public procurement act to make it more sustainable, effective and beneficial to all stakeholders in the procurement process of the Birim North District Assembly. The qualitative analysis constituted interviews. The population for this study comprised of ten (10) District Assembly staff, twenty (20) contractors, fifteen (15) service providers and twenty (20) suppliers, staffs who were interviewed. Interviews were conducted on ten (10) staff of procurement unit and procurement related unit of the assembly, five (5) key staff each of the contractors, three (3) key staff each for consultants and suppliers. The respective response rate for the study population were fifty percent (70%) for key assembly staff, fifty percent (50%) contractors’ key staff, fifty percent (50%) consultants’ staff and sixty percent (60%) suppliers. The findings revealed that; in general, the public procurement act is beneficial to the district assembly and thus should be implemented more effectively in Ghana. The main challenges the district assembly is faced with were lack of funds for the timely delivery/execution of contracts, and bureaucracy in the procurement process. During the interview, it was noted that due to lack of funds for prompt delivery of projects and bureaucracy in the procurement procedure; the law has not been efficiently, and effectively implemented. Recommendations were made to tackle the challenges the assembly faced in procurement and contract management. The Local Government Service should endeavor to link contract management to the Act cohesively, for the timely delivery of contracts/projects. The assembly must also establish an independent procurement and project management team, to be manned by qualified personnel with the requisite knowledge, training and competence in procurement project management
A thesis submitted to the Department of Building Technology, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in partial fulfilment of the requirments for the award of Master of Science, 2014