Impact of stakeholder influence on project success: evidence from Asanko Gold Ghana Limited.

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Project stakeholders are organizations or persons who actively engage in the project or whose anticipations and needs negatively or positively impact how project activities are completed or carried out. Project stakeholders sometimes have conflicting opinions regarding the factors most crucial that result in severe roadblock. The project team must understand the situation at hand, manage squarely the demands, and promote communication that is proactive with all the project stakeholders aiming to deliver a successful project. The current study focuses on assessing the effect of Stakeholder Influence on Project Success using Asanko Gold Ghana Limited as a case study. The issues the study concentrates on are various stakeholders and their roles, and stakeholder influential variables. The study used fifty-two (52), respondents. The instrument for the data collection was developed by the researcher, preceded by a pilot study. The pilot study was initially conducted on a similar project in the mining sector to ascertain its validity and reliability. The data for the study was basically from a primary source in that closed-ended questionnaire was designed and distributed to respondents. The data generated were analyzed using the mean score ranking. Descriptive statistics were used to test the data. The study concludes that communities directly affected by mining operations are recognized on the project to be the crucial stakeholders and therefore play a vital role in the project. Again, the study indicated interest is one of the most important stakeholder influential variables that affected the Tailings Storage Facility (TSF) Project. Further, the study found that performance is one of the important project success criteria of the TSF Project. Based on these, the study recommends that stakeholders especially, Asanko Gold Ghana have formal analysis of the downstream impact on community stakeholders, ecosystems and critical infrastructure in the event of catastrophic failure been undertaken and to reflect final conditions.
A thesis submitted to the Department of Construction Technology and Management, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the Degree of Master of Science in Project Management
Impact of stakeholder, project