Assessing the significance of communication in the timely delivery of projects.

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Projects are visualized with the anticipation of achieving its objective of being on time. Delays on construction projects is one of the major concerns in the construction industry in Ghana. The untimely delivery of government projects in Ghana have become so common that the populace anticipates these delays even before the projects kick-start. The overarching aim of this research is to critically assess the significance of communication in the untimely delivery of the University of Ghana Medical Centre Project. The research also looked at factors that account for the timely delivery of projects. Communication involves understanding fully the behavioural patterns that exist between those sending the message across and those receiving the message. The mode of communicating also becomes crucial at the particular point in time in which the message is being sent as well as the pitch, tone and mannerisms associated with the message sent. The research also highlights the channels of communication in most organisations and on most projects. In selecting the channel of communication, one needs to completely understand the strengths and limitations related to each possible channel. A structured interview guide was used to conduct interviews among project professionals on the University of Ghana Medical Centre site, the results of the survey were compiled and analysed in order to propose remedies for the issue uncovered. The findings of the research demonstrate that communication is needed as a major tool to successfully communicate other areas on the project such as the vision of the project, cost, time, quality and scope. This presupposes that the other knowledge areas of project management depend on communication for successful completion of projects. From my findings, it is recommended that project managers adopt suitable communication channels to enhance the effectiveness of communication on the project. Project managers should also implement proper modes of communication within the project management office.
A thesis submitted to the Department of Construction Technology and Management, College of Art and Built Environment in partial fulfilment of the requirement for the Degree of Master of Science.
Assessing, Communication, Delivery of projects.