Assessing the influence of project management practices on the performance of building projects in the Ghanaian construction industry

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Construction projects executed are caused by myriad factors. The primary focus of project management practices mainly affects the performance and productivity of construction projects in the Ghanaian construction industry. The main objectives of the study were; to identify the project management practices carried out by the organizations for management of the selected building projects; to determine the PM practices that significantly influence the performance of building projects managed by the organizations; and to access project management practices that influence performance of building projects in the Ghanaian construction industry. Semi-structured personal interviews and structured questionnaires were administered and distributed to selected organizations to identify practices that have been performed in the management of construction projects. The study developed performance indices to measure time, cost, and quality performance, as well as a pairwise analysis using independent t-tests to test significant performance differences, and a multiple regression analysis using the Statistical Package for Social Sciences. The results indicated; Significant cost performance differences between the categories of projects in all organizations, although there was no significant difference in quality performance in all three categories of analyzed project categories. Existing differences between the performance of a particular pair of project categories from organization to organization the corresponding material project management practices. Important recommendations proposed; Competitive selection of consultants for a contract or a group of contracts, previous work experience with the customer should always be among factors with high attention. In order to minimize delays in the recognition of payment statements after their issue, the number of persons involved in the process of verification and validation should be reduced.iv A link should be established between the regional / local client offices and the national headquarters of the organizations to enable effective monitoring of the projects
A thesis submitted to Department of Construction Technology and Management, College Of Art and Built Environments in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the Award of Degree of Master of Science.
Accessing, project management practices, performance, influence, building projects, Ghanaian construction